Jonas Kunickas

Jonas Kunickas

Jonas Kunickas
(1978- )
Nationality: lt Lithuania

Was born in 1978, Lithuania. Have been studying architecture and got Master's degree of architecture in 2002. For ten years used to work as an architect and interior designer in Lithuania and United Kingdom. However, my biggest passion has always been painting. In 2012 active painting superseded my previous occupation – now it‘s the only work I do for a living as well as for a pleasure.

The main inspiration for my work is a human body – I believe the most perfect peace of art God has ever created. I have tried and independently studied many different painting techniques finding out my own style and a way of doing it. I have settled down on oil paint and pallet knife – I don‘t use brushes for my oil paintings any longer. Life is colourful so are my paintings. There are no good or bad colours, there is only a right or wrong place to use it - it applies not only for a painting, but for all kind of design and art media. In a process of creating a new art-piece a big part of the final result depends on a person posing for it. I am very thankful to the models for helping me to achieve my goals. It is vital for an artist working on a figurative painting to find a suitable model to work together as a team. .


My Palette Knife Strokes

Details of the painting "JK15-0929 Scent of Levender", 2015, 120 x 90 x 2 cm.

At the studio

Work in progress


Portrait of a famous Lithuanian dancer Saulius Skambinas.
Painting: "JK15-1020 Saulius", 2015, 60 x 90 cm

Busy start of the year 2016

Three exhibitions in the same time - my studio was almost empty :)

In progress

Commissioned painting in progress.

My students and me in the press

Group Exhibition holded together with my three students.

Prix International des Galeries

Fourth Figurative Award by Mondial ART Academia, 2016.
Painting: "JK15-0929 Scent of Levender", 2015, 120 x 90 x 2 cm.

A Presentation of a Solo Exhibition "Prism", 2016

I was delighted to represent 23 nude oil paintings in my hometown Kaunas, Lithuania. The culmination of the show was life model.

Palette knife

Different size of knifes.

At the studio

Painting in progress.

Art Revolution Taipei

The "Drawing 37" has been selected as a finalist of the 2017 International Artist Grand Prize competition.

Work in progress

Painting: "JK16-1025 Reflection", 2016, 40 x 80 cm

American Art Awards

The third place on category "Erotic-Female", 2016.
Painting: "JK15-0623 Rapture", 90 x 120 cm

Press about my Solo Exhibition

About my Solo Exhibition at Gallery Balta, 2017, Kaunas, Lithuania

Commissioned painting

With the model.

Personal Exhibition at Balta Gallery

My personal exhibition, 2017, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Press about my Solo Exhibition

Guests, models and photographers at my Solo Exhibition at Gallery Balta, 2017, Kaunas, Lithuania.

At the studio

Work in progress.

Best Artwork 2017, Kaunas, Lithuania

The Special Prize of National Kaunas Philharmonic for the painting "JK17-0606 Enigma", 2017, 90 x 150 cm.

In progress

New painting is comming soon.

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